Outfit Rally 2001

Carter's Beach, Barmah State Forest

I enjoyed myself immensely at this rally. Very much a back to basics rally - drinking water being the major contribution by the committee (Don't knock it! You need it for the whiskey.) Short section of dirt road and track in to the rally.

West view of campNorth view of campEast view of camp
Sort of panoramic view of camp. Note my tent in splendid isolation. People thought I was being stand-offish until they heard the snores. The Valkyrie in the right shot (matching sidecar and trailer) was Peoples Choice.

The main snoring competition! The koalas were amazingly tame and allowed us within a metre.

Pollock mobile
The Pollock mobile! (You can't see it in the pic, but it is finished off like a Jackson Pollock drip fest.) The winner of the Engineering Award, Youngest passenger (2y 2m), that's him at the table. The outfit is attached to a GSX1100, massive carrying capacity (even brought a swing for the kid!) and features a blackboard on the back for those boring moments!

CBX1000 six into six
Clemmo, this one's for you! Note the exhausts - six into six! What a sound.