Wintersun Run 2003

Rendezvous at Bendigo
Diane's Deli, just down from KFC - the Bendigo Ulysses hangout
Kerang, waiting for Mark on the CD250U which ran out of petrol. Note the colour of the sky!
Kerang - we thought this was bad visibility. By Lake Boga it was down to 100 feet, along with strong gusting headwinds!
Jeez Sandra, it wasn't that bad!
Kranz demonstrating a negotiating technique!
Nifty lighting the fire, with Tim in the background
Geoff-san, ex-Pommy mark and Kranz
Moike and Smack
Kranz exhausted by the intellectual debate and GYAFW Nev.
Marty, Tim, BT, GYAFW Nev.
Basketball as played by the less successful
Basketball, as played by winners - an outfit ridden by a master of sweeping corners (Al) and the shooter as tall as the hoops (Marty).
Blindfold wheelbarrow slalom - Dale is so used to Cat telling him where to go that they won!
Campsite, from left, Uncle Scum, ?, Dale, Johnno, Geoff-San, ? Note the sun!!!
The sub-juniors have gone up a grade!
Baloons over Mildura as we leave!
Photos above from Goaty
Other Wintersun pics from Marty, Moike, Tim