We were asked to do the ride report for the AGM All we can say is AMAZING.

Our trip over to Nuriootpa was very relaxing. Our first night spent at Robe, a very quaint town, and the local dolphins put on a lovely welcome display for us in the bay. The next two nights were spent at Victor Harbour, great pub meals, a lovely caravan park and a few of us went over to Granault Island to see the fairy penguins. We don't really know what the others got up to while we were away, but Cutho ended up brushing his teeth with shaving cream. Next morning we all packed up and were ready to go and Judy said Cutho still had to have a shower. So, over he went to have a shower and in quick time he was back only to become very red faced and said "I forgot to put my undies on." Judy, being a good wife, opened Vickie’s car door while John stood behind it and Judy held a towel around him while he "put his undies on."

The trip to Nuriootpa through the Barossa Valley was really nice with lovely weather, good roads, and great company. What more could you ask for? Arriving, at Nuriootpa, the AGM site was easily found. We were confronted by a mini village. The organisers had every T crossed and I dotted. Registration was quick and very well organised. Then on to our campsite which looked like a tent city. Finding the Geelong crowd wasn't very hard (?).

The AGM area consisted of two ovals side by side, a caravan park behind the ovals and a big paddock at the back of the caravan park for the tents. The first oval had a huge marquee in the centre, big enough to seat 3000 people. Around the edges of the oval were the trade tents and food outlets. The second oval had all the motorbike traders tents set up and this was were you went to test ride any of the new bikes.

Friday morning saw the rest of the Geelong crew arrive. Les Crowe arrived at the main gate and decided to lay down and have a rest. Only thing was that he forgot to get off his bike first.

Friday night was a very relaxed evening. A nice hot meal was served and a karaoke was held later in the evening. Saturday morning everyone was up early to give their bikes a quick dusting in preparation for the parade. What a sight this was. Around 3000 bikes rode from Nuriootpa to Tanunda. A good 40 minute ride. The locals had pulled out their chairs and lined the streets to watch and cheer us along. It is a very proud moment for any Ulyssian to ride with their mates in such a parade. Lee's pillion, Harold, was greatly noticed but I do think he needs a good feed. The actual meeting was held on Saturday afternoon. Doug has more details later in the news letter. All I can say about the meeting is I'm glad Vicki didn't follow through with her motion!!! Although, those sitting near her did hear the initial rumblings of it.

Saturday night's dinner was fantastic. 3000 hot meals all served and cleared away within 2 hours. The caterers did a fantastic job. The marquee was decorated nicely with helium balloons and underwear. The main piece was Old No l's undies. (Ask someone who was there.) This was the only meal Nifty didn't have to scrounge from anyone!!! Through out the weekend you could have a test ride on a bike of your choice. Alan Gordon and John Kranz were like kids in a Jolly shop. Ask them for their opinions of most of the bikes there and they could tell you.

Sunday was a relax day. In the afternoon there was a Rock and Roll band playing so our resident rockers, Curly and Rhonda took full advantage and danced for 4 hours non stop. It was good to watch them.

Monday most people packed up and went home. A great weekend. Full marks to the Adelaide Branch and their helpers for the best AGM we've been to.

Linda and Leon