The Year 2000 AGM

The year 2000 AGM was held in the Barossa Valley. I don't know how long this community of some 18,000 took to recover from 3,500 bikers descending upon them, but it sure took us some time to recover.

Share your magic moments with the rest of us!

Send me your photos - prints or scanned prints - and I will whack them up here!

John Kranz's comments

Leon and Linda's comments

 Leon with Handbag

We all wear our glad rags for the AGM. Leon even brought his handbag!


Forming up for the mass ride from Nuriootpa to Tanunda.

 Getting ready for the Mass Ride
 The Tanunda Showgrounds  

The view from the Mayor's position. No wonder he was so nice!

 AGM Dinner  

The AGM dinner was a masterpiece of organisation.

One of the organisers told me that on Friday night they fed 2,500 people in 55 minutes!

The temporary structure seated all 3,500 in relative comfort, plus had a stage, dance floor, three kitchens and two bars. Tent is too mild for it. The hire for the AGM was $65,000!

 AGM Dinner
 Taxi and Beryl

Wandering about the exhibits on Sunday. These guys had a great display, including bikes - well basket cases would be generous!

 Barossa Valley Machinery Preservation Society
 Penelope's tied on peg  

200ks from home and I busted the right peg in a servo. Tied it on with string and struggled on ...

Still, that was getting off light. Anyone got a pic of Ant's broken leg?